Creative writing: A creation of imagination

All writing is communication, creative writing is communication through revelation-it is the Self-escaping into the open ~ E. B. White

Creative writing is a way of engaging one’s five senses and blending them with one’s thoughts and imagination to produce any piece of writing.

It is not limited to any age-group, as it is a way of expressing oneself in an open-ended way of expression. Creative writing encourages the brain to think in a unique manner, helps in understanding the perspectives of oneself and others and also helps to build the communication skills.


In today’s world, creative writing is used in almost all the fields, especially in the market driven by persuasion and communication. It helps to build a stronger customer relationship and convinces the audiences to buy the product or positions it well in their mind.

Also the readers get inclined towards the books that are creatively written like children’s story books, content driven books, etc.

Creative writing has an immense impact on students, as they are able to develop language using varied vocabulary , learn literary devices ,different styles of text ,etc. that will make them wonderful orators and writers.

It is also suitable for all styles of learners, if blended well with the right kind of audio – visual aids, voice modulation, drama, etc.

So remember, creative writing is a process to self-express one’s thoughts and creatively present them through the art of weaving different styles of writing. So nurture and nourish these thoughts by reading books, listening to age-appropriate podcasts, making observations , communication , journaling your ideas, writing a diary, sketching and penning rough drafts, revisiting the literary devices learnt at school , etc.

Tips for parents to enhance creative writing skills in young children:

  • Take a walk in nature
  • Read books, and promote storytelling
  • When speaking to your children, use vivid language.
  • Observe the environment with your child and have them explain it to you.
  • Promote your child’s listening to kid-friendly podcasts.
  • Encourage writing about their travel experiences.
  • Browse through the thesaurus word list.
  • Give opportunities to speak, act and present on various topics.
  • Engage them in reciting rhymes

By Ms. Pooja of Leaping Laureate