Leaping Laureate

Leaping Laureate is an education based learning studio founded by Ms. Pooja who is a passionate teacher and an ardent educator ,training and providing good quality education to the students all over Mumbai and across the globe. She has been training and mentoring students of various boards for more than 15 years now. She has trained students in various subjects across the curriculum.

She feels no child should have fear of any subject. If the subjects are taught with right resources, teaching strategies and learning engagement, then a child will progress towards the academic goals and show positive results. Her idea is to build the right foundation from early years through various programs so that academic milestones can be achieved at the right time. Educational inclusion is essential, all kids are born stars ,they all shine in their own unique way .She trains students in English Language and Literature, Math, Science, Humanities ,Management subjects, etc. Also the Creative writing, Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning Program, Science Experiential learning program and Mental Math program are a hit among the younger age group. 

Our aim at Leaping Laureate is to provide quality education with a holistic learning approach using a plethora of teaching strategies and learning engagement for successful outcomes. Our strength is to provide customized curriculum programs for each age group with highly prioritized learning environment in which the child can adjust and learn at their own pace along with meeting the challenging demands of each subject.
The aim of education is not only acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes but also application of the same at the ground level.

Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide quality educational support and guidance to our students through varied resources and strategies that can make them effective confident communicators across the globe.


Our vision is to provide knowledge, training and skills required to master and excel in each subject across the widely spread disciplines by nurturing the inner talent of each and every child.


Ms. Pooja Foria,
Founder- Leaping Laureate
Ms. Pooja Foria is an experienced teacher and an educator with more than 15 years of experience. She has done her B.Ed , M.A Ed, MBA, Graphotheraphy She has worked and blogged in the field of Kids Nutrition too. She believes in holistic development of the children along with the academic growth .Her centre involves teaching various academic subjects and also skill development programs that are required to master those subjects. She believes learning is an evolving and a continuous process. She has been successful in bridging learning gaps faced by her learners in various topics and subjects and making them confident communicators and performers ,helping them master the skill under her mentorship, training and guidance. She specializes in explaining concepts with ease, simplifying and making it interesting for the children to remember. Her kids vouch for the way topic are explained and taught in an interesting manner along with patience and perseverance. Her way of assessments is a blend of fun, interactive sheets and wide range of resources, maintaining the standard of rigor that should be involved.

She has a team of like- minded teachers who extensively work on the inputs and outputs of each part of the curriculum.